Inkjet Plotter

Inkjet Plotter

Product Introduction:

  • Lowest operational cost and highest troughput.
  • More production: Plot more squre/hour, print highly detailed or annotated markers with no degradation in speed.
  • Good print quality,resolution from 600 d.p.i. Best mode to 300 d.p.i. Draft mode, line thickness settings to help manage ink costs.
  • Overnight printting; Print on a variety of media;
  • Works with a wide variety of CAD systems
  • Lowest ink cost, Uses widely available HP ink cartridges.
  • Operation is so easy, only one operator is required, the key—board design make rapid setting, rapid ink replacement.
  • Space—saving, Light—weight can easy to move the machine; Front—floor load minimizes space requirements.
  • winda-2
  • winda-2
MODEL(Apolo/EC Series) WD -JET 165H ( R) WD -JET185H(R) WD- JET 205H(R) WD -JET 225H(R)
Feeding width 175cm 195cm 215cm 235cm
Printing Width 165cm 185cm 205cm 225cm
Printing Speed 135sqm/hour(2Head) 240sqm/hour(4Head)
Ink head HP 600DPI HP thermal inkjet head(600dpi)
Resolution 300-600DPI Save-ink mode is Optional
Line quality Precision, smoothly and no gap
Max. Weight of Roll 30KG
Paper thickness 25g-65g
Orienting model Light Curtains
Format HP/GL, DM/PL , DXF
Feeding system 3000m accurate paper feeding by digital encoder system
Receiving system Auto-receiving or without receiver
Interface USB 2.0 / NET port
Operatal Keypad Digitial touchpad, easy and use long time
Power 220V/110y, 50Hz/60Hz
Working environment 5-50C°; 0%-95%
Security According to Ui1950

Stand Inkjet Cutting Plotter

Model WD-SPC165 WD-SPC185 WD-SPC205 WD-SPC225
Max.Width Of Paper 175CM 195CM 215CM 235CM
Max. Plotting & Cutting Width 165CM 185CM 205CM 225CM
Resolution Vector/0.0125 Raster/600 DPI Ligthning Engine'Syetem,Independent Driver,Imported Motor
Plotting Speed Vector:1200mm/Sec ; Rester:40-120Sqm/Hr
Cutting Speed 1200mm/Sec
Max.Cut thickness 0.3mm-1mm (300g)
Print Quality Works Precisely,Shoothly,And No gap Between two contiguous Sections
Compatibility HPGL Special Format Can Be Back-Ordered
Paper Installtion Mode Front Or Back Paper-Supply System Is Optional
Paper Feeding System 1200 1200MAccurate Tracking System And Inside Digital Sentem Insure Marker Paper Is Feed Continually And Straightly More Than 1200m Long
Super Functions 1.Real-time Adjust Speed And Force Accurately 2.No-ink Prompt.3.The Capability of Reverse Is Only One In The Worldm. 4.Memorize Position Of Present Plotting Automatically In Whole-procedure Wth Closed-loop System.5.Asynchronous Transfer Mode(ATM),Real-time Error Corrction,Real-time And Bi-Directional Operation. 6.Advanced Differntial Graphic Docking And Positioning Technology.
Machine structure Machine structure American style, integration, all metal, high rigid, resistant structure , ensure mechanical life move five times heigher than similar products
Intelligent Catridge Memorize Original Point Automatically,Electronic Soring Fit Paper Automatically, Pen-Down Accurately And Plot Clearly
Intelligent Safeguards Over-width And Over-length Alarm,No-ink Alarm,Over-load Alarm And Obstacle Alarm
Power Availability 90/264V, 47/66Hz
PC Interface RS-232, USB2.0
Operation Keypad Digital Keypay Is Front Of machine,Real-time Oprating Is Easy And Accurate