Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine

Laser Cutting and Engraving machine

winda-3 Garments, shoes, bags and luggage, computerized embroidery and clipping, template cutting, toys, furniture, advertisement decoration, handicraft, packaging, printing and so on.


  • The outside sliding guide ensures fast processing speed, which is especially suitable for the garment and leather industries.
  • Being integrated with more concise frame, this machine is more economical but still have the same excellent cutting and engraving effects.
  • Our three unique protection functions, i.e. antinterference function, water-protective function and power cut-off function ensure longer working life, stability and effectiveness.
  • The stainless steel honeycomb platform we adopt, which is breakage-proof, ensures stable focus distance has good cutting and engraving quality
  • Original Singapore imported lens with molybdenum base makes the equipment produce smaller facula and stronger cutting force, greatly improving working efficiency and reducing cost.
  • Exhausting, absorbing and assistant blowing systems solve the problem that troubles the laser equipments manufacturing industry for years, extending the life of the laser tube.
  • This machine uses USB port to transmit data, equipped with large-capacity internal memory, improving working speed and efficiency greatly.
Model WD T0906 WD T1080 WD T1280 WD T1610
Processing Area 900X600mm 1000X800mm 1200X800mm 1600X1000mm
Max. cutting speed 24000mm/min
Max. engraving speed 40000mm/min
Laser power 60W/80W/100W/135W
Resolution ratio 0.0064mm
Min. shaping character Chinese character: 2X2mm Letter:1X1mm
Location precision <0.01mm
Power supply AC220V±10%,50Hz
Gross power 1250W

Get WD-Y Movable Laser Cutter/Engraver in your exact specifications.

  • Two working places can alternate right-and-left and enable the cutting while feeding.
  • 100% production increase, 10% material consumption decrease and no abrasion on the baseboard.
WD-Y Movable Laser Cutter/Engraver

This series is equipped with camera which is for cutting labels and trademarks in certain designs.

  • This model will be supplied with a computer.
  • It adopts CCD camera with 3,200,000 pels and super-recognition software, ensuring the accuracy of cutting trademarks with whole area, without remaining anyone.
  • In the combinative work of pick up positioning visual system and computer software, this model can carry out overall and automatic trace compensation to the fine stretch and distortion of cloth.
WD-C Series Pickup Positioning Labels Cutter

Get WD-R Series Auto-feeding Laser Cutting Machine in your exact specifications.

  • The auto-feeding system/ rotating work table ensures that the machine can cut software materials such as fabric, PU, leather and paper in rolls automatically.
  • Being integrated with more concise frame, this machine is more economical but still have the same excellent cutting and engraving effects.
WD-R Series Auto-feeding Laser Cutting Machine

Get WD-B Series Laser Bed in your exact specifications.

  • Adopting the most advanced 64 bit high speed DSP to build the Smart Carver controller, we have largely improved the performance of this model.
  • The light is suited to speed automatically, so it can ensure the cutting quality in corners. The function of continuous carve cutting can make the max cutting speed reach 24m/min, realizing high cutting speed of accouterments, improving the productivity and competitive ability of garment enterprise greatly.
WD-B Series Laser Bed


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